i have been running Raring Ringtail since early March, and for the past 3 days whenever I boot my laptop, it boots to a terminal. From there, I attempt to startx, and it pops up a window "Failed to load session (Gnome)", and then sends me right back to the terminal. I then issue sudo reboot and XFCE loads as if nothing happened. I have not fully established a pattern for how often this happens, but I believe it is happening everytimg I cold boot or reboot the laptop it will first load a terminal.

My laptop is an HP DM1Z with an AMD E-350. The only other oddities I have noticed are that everytimg the laptop boots I see a DBus message that state "KVM disabeled by BIOS" - that happens both when it loads a terminal or a XFCE session. Am I using the proper command (startx) to attempt to load XFCE or is there something else I should try?

Also, I have two competely unrelated and minor annoyances. Everytime I boot the laptop or lock the screen, the brightness gets reset to 100%, I prefer to have the brightness on this screen much lower, is this normal behavior? Next, the bluetooth on the laptop is always switched on when I boot the laptop, I would prefer to have it off (I assume that might save a little batter life since I never use the bluetooth), is there a way to change this?