presently I am running Ubuntu 10.04 on multiple old PCs in my house. if it were just MY PCs I would be fine, however, the problem comes in when I have to factor in people who are Windows all the way and can't figure out Update Manager. So to avoid the headaches I am remoting into their computers via ssh, if there is a kernel update that requires a restart I normally just restart their computer for them as well. However before i do that I run "who" to see if they are on. If they are I cannot restart their computer.

I would LIKE to be able to, from the command line, send a message to their GUI informing them they will need to restart their computer after they have concluded their business for the time being. Is this possible? so we are clear, I have my own account with sudoer permissions to administrate this account. I would be sending the message from my account (on the CLI) to their account (preferably a popup window in their GUI).