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Thread: Games for Ubuntu

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    Post Games for Ubuntu

    Games for Ubuntu

    So you are looking for games to play on Ubuntu?
    Though there are not as many games available for Ubuntu as for Windows. But there is a nice "little" collections of games for Ubuntu and the collection gets larger and larger. Mainly from indie developers who have spotted Ubuntu/Linux.
    Now you ask yourself 'Where do I get these games?' And that is this thread for.

    • Where to get games
    • Linux Game Sites


    Where to get games

    Ubuntu Software Center

    As you may know by now Ubuntu comes with a Software Center. There you can search and look for games, both games that are free and games that cost money.

    Steam for Linux

    Not long time ago Valve have released a linux client for steam. Valve and Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) have worked together to bring the steam client to linux. You can either download Steam via Ubuntu Software Center or go to the Steam homepage and download the .deb file.

    Link: Steam for Linux


    Desura is another place to get games. It's similar to Steam. Desura have a wider range of free games available also.

    Link: Desura

    Humble Bundle

    From time to time the charity project known as Humble Bundle comes with a great offer on games. Pay what you want or what you think the games a worth. Just remember it's a charity project so give a fair price for the games.

    Link: Humble Bundle

    Linux Game Sites

    Linux Game Database


    Free Gamer


    Linux Game Zoo

    Libre Game Wiki

    Strange Gamer

    Linux Games

    Linux Gaming World

    Linux Gaming News

    Video of games on Linux

    If you have a link that are related to ubuntu and games, please contact me so I can add it.
    Also if you think I missed something please contact me.
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