The title says it all! Well not technically. . .

I have in my possession 2, yes 2 functional touch screen laptops that are several years old. (I also have an Asus G74sx for everything else)

I am on spring break and want to do something fun/creative with the computers. They can't run windows anymore, but they work quite well with Ubuntu (i am probably going to down grade to Xubuntu tonight).
I also am going to build a Ubuntu server over break out of a couple old towers sitting around to take back up to school.

THE POINT IS I want to have a good use, even if ridiculously basic, for the laptops, playing music/alarm clock in my room, google calendar taped to the fridge, something to brew my morning coffee with, maybe just a full time weather report at my finger tips, I DON'T really know yet.

Run some stuff by me, I've got a surround sound system and plenty of speakers. Typically have tons of homework. Maybe some touch screens next to the toilets to play games/read the news while i'm... well, you get the idea.