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Thread: Starcraft II

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    Starcraft II

    Hello Everyone:
    So I've recently downloaded Wine 1.4.1 so that I can play Starcraft 2 on my computer. I use firefox to download Starcraft's .exe installation file, and then I open the folder that I've saved it in. I right click on the file, and select open with Wine Windows Program Loader. Immediately, it takes me to the Checking for Updates box, but never actually progresses anywhere. I've actually tried this on two seperate computers with the exact same issue. I haven't configured Wine or anything, I don't know how, so please be very explicit in your solution please. Here is a screenshot of the screen when updating. Thanks!
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    Re: Starcraft II

    You might need to upgrade Wine to a newer version. It runs perfect in Wine 1.5 and listed as Platnium . But in Wine 1.4, it is Gold. Platnium means nothing needs to be done to get it working while Gold means a few tweaks.

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