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Thread: Migration from Windows Server Domain (Active Directory) to Ubuntu Server Directory

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    Migration from Windows Server Domain (Active Directory) to Ubuntu Server Directory

    Hi All,

    Short Version - What directory service should I use?

    I have a domain that I am administering for a small business, currently running a Windows SBS 2003 server, and five users (each with a separate machine two of which are laptops) including me, all of us using WinXP Pro on the domain.

    The desktops / laptops are fine (for now), but the server is in need of replacement.

    The SBS Server provides:

    Exchange Mail Server
    File Serving
    Proxy (it is dual-homed) - Uses ISA (router will only allow traffic out from the Server, so all desktops must proxy through the server)
    Print Serving (two printers, one an HP Laserjet, the other a Konica Minolta multi-function printer, scanner, copier, outgoing fax machine)
    Incoming faxes
    Active Directory
    Remote Access to user machines (RWW) assuming they are left on

    Rather than spend the huge amounts that MS want for their latest Server 2012 which we cannot afford, I figured I would look at replacing the server with one (or more if required) machines running Ubuntu (which I use at home on a desktop and dual booted on my work laptop) to replace whatever I can from the above list.

    Rather than a single 'big bang' I also figured it would be easier for me if I transferred services from the SBS box to the new Ubuntu Server one at a time.

    I thought the following:

    1) Exchange Mail Server:

    Move to Google Apps (this would also make remote access to email easy for users and make them generally happy)

    2) File Serving:

    Put on the New Ubuntu Server

    3) Proxy:

    Set up a separate box running Privoxy or something similar, and force all connections through there - seems easy

    4) DNS:

    Configure this on the router.

    5) DHCP:

    Configure this on the router.

    6) Print Serving:

    Put this on the New Ubuntu Server

    7) Incoming faxes:

    Have the Konica answer incoming faxes, and go back to actual pieces of paper for now (volume very low anyway)

    8) Directory Services / Users:

    This is the one that I need help on most, and hence this post.

    9) Remote Access:

    Hoping that this can be allowed somehow using the Ubuntu Server, but other options may have to be considered.

    I have searched on this site, and there are many mentions of OpenLDAP, so right now, that seems to be the way to go. However, I would like to get recommendations from you all, and specifically, why you think that something would be better / easier / more supported (including on here) than going with OpenLDAP.

    For the avoidance of doubt, I would likely come back to the list above later, and revisit putting more of the services on the Ubuntu Box (I would like to have an in-house mail server, and Google is now charging, albeit only $5 / user / month or $50 a year I think), but I have to be able to setup and maintain users (a la Active Directory) first.

    Also, just in case anything gets the wrong idea, it does not matter if the solution is AD compatible - the SBS box will be going away entirely, and we will be migrating off MS Windows Server, so as long as WinXP Pro SP3 (and later Windows versions) can connect to the server, and be authenticated by it, that is fine. We may replace the desktops with Ubuntu later, but for now, they will be staying in place, including the laptops (mine is dual booting Win7 with MS Office 2010 (not joined to the domain) and Ubuntu, with WinXP Pro with Office 2007 running in a VM under Ubuntu VirtualBox).

    So, OpenLDAP? If not, why something else?

    If OpenLDAP, what is the best guide for setting it up on Ubuntu Server around right now?

    Thanks in advance,

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