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Your router should enable you to specify permitted MACs. An easy solution is to connect all your devices then look at the list of MACs in the router's software. Some routers let you create a permission list; otherwise you would just copy the addresses into the form for permitted addresses.

MACs can be spoofed, but from the little I've read it's harder than exploiting WEP. I imagine you'd need to be monitoring the radio when the device requests an address via DHCP. Using static addresses on the client devices might avoid the need to broadcast the MACs entirely. I suspect it would be pretty hard to exploit this method in that situation, but you should do some research and not trust my rather uninformed speculation.

Spoofing a MAC and cracking WEP are equally as "easy" and both take about 30 seconds.

To the OP for radio security where you have to use WEP, there isnt alot you "can" do other than whats been said.

Use MAC address filtering (though it is easy to overcome)
Use a strong key and change it often (rotation)
Dont use DHCP and use statics where possible
Use a custom subnet to limit the amount of available IP so only the machines you have and want can connect.

These are all trivial to overcome, but that being said how likely is it that someone is close to you who will steal your WIFI or if they were going to would actually bother that much to get past the above.