I'm quite new to Ubuntu 12.04lts and am just finding my way around. I installed Libreoffice 4 but didn't want all the separate icons in the unity launcher. While messing about with Gnome panel I found I could have an Office icon on the panel which when I clicked on it it popped out a list with the dictionary and all the libreoffice components for me to pick which to launch. Having decided that on my old laptop I didn't need the 50mb overhead of running Gnome panel I tried to drag this Office icon over to the unity launcher. Couldn't do it. When I click on it to drag it just opens the pop out and won't drag I can't remember how I got it to appear in the Gnome panel to try that with the launcher.

Anyone know how I can do this...I've tried dragging the Libreoffice 4 icon to the launcher but when I click it it acutally opens the Libreoffice program displaying all the components - nowhere near as slick as the earlier process.