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Thread: Spooler server error when dragging images

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    Spooler server error when dragging images

    Hi. I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x32 (downloaded it by mistake thinking it was the x64 version but alas).

    I'm having several issues that I believe are because of the graphic drivers, as I have an hybrid AMD/Intel card (such as too much heating over the smallest things like watching a video, specially since last update). But I came here to ask about one in particular, that sounds quite bizarre. Every time I open an image in Image Viewer and click on the image and drag it outside the window (not just moving it inside its limits), Ubuntu crashes to a terminal window that says only about five sentences, something along the lines of "spooler server error" and logs me off. That text-only screen blinks for a moment and then the login screen comes up. It happens every single time.

    What could be causing it and how do I solve the issue?

    Edit: I repeated the logout-inducing thing just now and noticed that the error doesn't seem related to the server alone - the terminal gives the three messages it always gives upon login out, including check battery.
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