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While i don't like the idea of candence testing either, you've went too far.
first, the bug list you had shows all bugs found in raring reported on the iso-tracker. for all *buntu's
second, the freeze bug has been found and confirmed (making it no longer a problem caused by bad testing), but is very difficult to fix, if it's "our fault", please, show us how we could have fixed it.
third, the network manager bug is private because it shows private info of some form.
third, i'm shocked that you overlooked the areas even worse, like testdrive, the PPC recursive bug, and the lack of testing for netboot and ppc.
I recently used testdrive w/virtualbox and noticed no problems different than those I'd encountered on bare metal. I have no hardware to test PPC. I did just run a test on the latest netboot mini.iso that failed:


I'm doing my job as a tester. I report bugs and I follow up on my bugs. And I don't create a new forum user ID to flame someone that tries to point out an obvious problem with the current testing scenario.