Hey guys I have a spare AMD dual core shuttle currently doing nothing so I am thinking of slinging ubuntu server on it and getting a few services configured.

I am a noob I am not a programmer and I am coming from a Windows world.

The initial goals I have are

Samba server sharing data to Windows machine I also want to learn about how to secure shares and create users who can access shares.

Torrent server having the ability to download torrents and serve them up via the samba shares.

Some kind of media streaming to both PS3 and Windows 7 PC

FTP what is the best FTP service to use? I need a guide that explains how to set it up how to secure and how to create users and shares.

Some easy method of backing up my samba shares

If somebody has done something similar or can point me in the direction of noob friendly guides that would be most helpful like I said before I am not a programmer or a command line genius I just want clear concise steps to get stuff configured and working

Or is this to much to ask?