Have i just started using ubuntu so sorry if my question seems stupid.
I installed ubuntu 12.10 and everything works fine on my laptop except the loud noise and heat problem.
Now i asked around and everyone suggested that one of my drivers is not properly set so i checked and found out that under graphics I have Driver = Unknown.
Now i tried to look around for a driver to radeon hd 3400 and found one in AMD website downloaded installed then rebooted.
My screen went really large and i couldn't see the icons bar to the left.
after a 5 hours trying to fix it i purged (Delete?) the driver and ubuntu started working but still driver unknown.
Any idea what i have to do to fix this please?
Someone already told me that 12.04 and on don't support for radeon hd 3400 but is there a solution to the overheat and noise problem?