Hello everyone

I'm having trouble installing Lubuntu on an old laptop. It's a 1GHz Celeron, 256MB RAM machine that worked perfectly with windows XP (no chugging or anything). It's a Patriot 2410... some brand I've never even heard of.

I burnt lubuntu to a DVD and it worked fine until the software install part, where it dies on "popcon" or around the state where it's copying 866 or so files.

After it failed multiple times, saying the files were corrupt or some such I burnt a new DVD with a fresh iso download but I had the same problem in the same place.

The machine seems to meet the requirements for lubuntu.

The machine will just be used by my 4 year old son. Want him to start getting used to alternative, Linux stuff early on - rather than being completely indoctrinated by Windows.

Any advice peoples?

Thanks in advance.