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Thread: 3d printing

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    3d printing

    Hello All,
    I am in the effort to convince my employer that 3d printing will make our lives easier.
    We haven't bought a printer yet, but i am wondering what software is out there for 3d printing in linux?
    anyone have some recommendations?
    Are there any systems (hardware + software) that people would like to recommend?

    I cant wait fro there to be a 3d printing support portion of this forum.

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    Re: 3d printing

    Read the following article, especially the part where it says:
    Open source 3D printing is still in the hacker realm. There are no prefab personal open source 3D Printers; you have to build from kits or from scratch.
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    Re: 3d printing

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Phelps View Post
    Read the following article, especially the part where it says:

    A bit expensive but has support under Ubuntu 10.04 and beyond

    Though I prefer the Cube though only Mac and Windows currently

    To the OP when you get one can you print me a 3D printer
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