Hello! I'm running Gnome 3.6.2 on my CR48, which is a single core Intel Atom CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a slowish SSD. I have found very few operating systems cooperate nicely with the CR48's underpowered stature but I was quite surprised that in the Linux world, even KDE 4.10 and Gnome Shell (normally seen as heavier environments) ran moderately well on it. Being more of a fan of Gnome, I'm using that for the long haul. I find that while Gnome runs moderately well, it does have some sluggish tendencies when it's transitioning in and out of the dash menu and things like that. I'm curious if there are any settings I can adjust to eliminate those transitions. That way if I hit the super key, there's no smooth transition making the experience nice and fluid, it's just BAM - instantly I'm in the activities menu. I'm willing to bet that if I can eliminate the graphical eye candy animated part that I might gain a little bit of performance when in that area of Gnome on my rather bismal laptop. Any suggestions?