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Thread: driver for ATI HD 5870

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    Question driver for ATI HD 5870

    Hey all,

    Just did a fresh install of 12.10 64 bit and am wondering what the best driver would be for gaming/performance with an HD 5870.

    I have 3 monitors, and on Windows I can game across all 3 of them at pretty much every games max FPS. Now I know that won't be possible on Linux because ATI is a slacker, but even if I can game on one monitor I'll be satisfied.

    3 months ago I tried to use the proprietary driver from the driver manager with 32 bit ubuntu and TF2 was the choppiest thing ever.

    Someone suggested maybe newer drivers might help but not to get them from the default drive manager?

    Argh. I just wanna gaaaaame. Help me install the best driver possible for an ATI HD 5870?


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    Re: Help me install the best driver for ATI HD 5870

    Asking for the "best" driver is a vague request because you've not bothered to tell us what "best" means.

    If "best" means the most stable, using Additional Drivers is the way to go because those already have been tested and packaged.

    If "best" means the latest version, with the newest features, then downloading the most current released version from AMD is the way to go.

    If "best" means the version on the leading edges, then the latest Beta drivers from AMD is the way to go.
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