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Thread: Skype icon in ubuntu messaging menu

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    Skype icon in ubuntu messaging menu


    I would like to ask for your help. I ran into strange problem. I use Ubuntu 12.10 and can't get skype or skype-wrapper to work wint ubuntu messaging menu. I installed skype-wrapper, i allowed skype to use scripts, in dconf-editor i have "skype" show where it should be, but there is no skype icon in ubuntu messaging menu - there is only green skype logo in unity taskbar. I would like to place skype to a place where there is also thunderbird, but i just can't do it. Do you see envelope? I would like to insert it there.

    Could you help me? On the web i read that after installing skype-wrapper we can remove sni-qt in order to remove green skype icon, but when i do it, i don't have skype icon at all - no in unity taskbar, no in unity messaging menu - envelope.
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