I am currently running a linux server, mainly for downloading and backup services, and I'm thinking about buying an SSD drive to replace my root drive.
I have a separate temp drive where downloads are being processed before they are moved to their final destianation on a storage drive.

The root drive contains just the linux system which runs servives like sabnzbd, headphones, etc so I think it doesn't have that much read and write operations once it's booted up. My temp drive just contains temp download data but it does have a lot of read and write operations.
My root drive is 110 GB, my temp drive is 147 GB. I was wondering wether it would be a smart thing to combine these two drives on one SSD?

What do you guys think? Should I combine the two drives on one SSD (which saved me quite a lot of money) or should I buy two separate drives?
Thanks in advance