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Thread: ZaReason Opinions

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    ZaReason Opinions

    Does anyone have any experience using a recently purchased laptop from ZaReason?

    I'm planning to buy a new fairly high-end laptop for use as a workstation replacement, and I'm considering the Strata 7330.

    I'm currently using a 2-year old Serval (Serp6) from System76, and am getting extremely frustrated with it. xWindows crashes once or twice a week. This makes me wonder if it is POSSIBLE to get a Linux laptop that runs reliably, or if switching to a Mac is the only alternative.

    If anyone has any recent experience with ZaReason, I'd appreciate your thoughts! Thanks.

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    Re: ZaReason Opinions

    What did you decide? I'm also looking at replacign my three year old Acer TimelineX with a Zareason Verix 530.
    use linux


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