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Thread: Installer freezes on "Preparing to install"

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    Installer freezes on "Preparing to install"

    Has anyone else seen this? Anyone know a fix?

    I'm trying to install the Xubuntu Raring beta. I get as far as the first page of the installer with checkboxes for whether to install 3rd-party software, and whether to download updates while installing, click Next and nothing happens except I get the spinny wait-for-it mouse cursor. I've watched it for over 20 minutes before giving up. This happens on both 32-bit and 64-bit installers (dd the iso image to a flash stick), and whether or not I choose nomodeset.

    If I choose to install 3rd party drivers I can see that it fetches nvidia310 in the background, so at least part of the installer is alive. Other than that, choosing to install 3rd party or not, choosing to download updates or not makes no difference, and neither does unplugging the network cable completely.

    The same 32-bit installer worked perfectly on my netbook, so the install stick is OK and it's not all machines that have this trouble.
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