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Thread: Wine? CnC: Red alert 2?

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    Wine? CnC: Red alert 2?

    I really dont know if its ok to post it here or the support forum.

    While im writing this post im downloading Xubuntu to run it on my machine. i dont all my steam games can run good in xubuntu but my my big problem is my main game which is "Command and conquer: Red alert 2", i have been looking if it will work on xubuntu and all get around it that i have to install "Wine"

    here a video of some one playing CnC:RA2 on linux:

    Now my top question is what is Wine? a software that i can install on Xubuntu to play RA2 or other OS? Thanks.

    Im a new user.

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    Re: Wine? CnC: Red alert 2?

    Moved to Wine section.
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