I currently have 4 partitions with 3 primary and one logical which is shared between Ubuntu and Windows. So my layout looks like this OEM Partition --- Shared Ubuntu/Windows 7 (Old Recovery Partition) --- Windows (C: ) --- Ubuntu 12.10. I used to have OEM --- Debian --- Windows --- Ubuntu and since I had Debian set as the boot partition GRUB went into recovery mode and I had to fix Windows and I couldn't get GRUB to start booting from Ubuntu again, I had to reinstall Ubuntu because the internet and forums wouldn't help... So now here are what my partitions look like:

I plan on taking about 100GB from C:, moving it to Ubuntu (The farthest right partition) and then make free space in GParted for BackTrack. If I don't make Backtrack the boot partition, what steps do I take to make sure I don't have to go through another huge problem before I start messing around with partitions.