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Thread: Ubuntu 13.04 and "Rolling Development"

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    Re: Ubuntu 13.04 and "Rolling Development"

    I think interim releases would be fine if the upgrades were "bullet proof"...If you could be assured that it would all go perfectly, then i think it would be fine...but unfortunately that is not the case right now...
    BUT nobody is ditching interim releases? They are here to stay and the exact same thing will still be true.

    And i don't believe rolling will improve this because a lot of upgrades to new release problems are related to binary drivers and this won't change and probably it will make things worse. How would you deal with upgrades you are 100% sure will brake binary drivers in rolling? You would brake them and there is no way around it ATM. Maybe in the future if display server used would change this drastically then this would not be the problem anymore but ATM it is.

    And software does brake in rolling too. I don't believe everybody will/would follow rolling tempo and when some updates that brake software will occur how will you deal with that? You couldn't you will/would brake it and until it's fixed it would not work properly and this could easily lead to frustration.

    With the development release, always pointed to each new version, you would not need to upgrade to continue as you do aside from the testers, i think there will probably be quite a few that will want to use it...
    Yes tester will use the release that is different form interim release and it doesn't make sense to me. Why exactly would you do that? The whole point of development release/cycle is to develop/test it not to use it daily for surfing the internet for example.

    As i previously mentioned, i had far more problems running mint's LMDE pointed to debian testing, then i have on this 13.04 development "impression" is that quality control is way better here then it is in debian testing...
    How would putting more effort on rolling improve interim situation? It doesn't make sense to me but i could be wrong but somebody should explain this to me first to see if it's valid.

    I also recall getting FAR MORE updates each day on debian testing, then i generally get here...with far greater chance of breakages on there...and LMDE is not a testers distro...
    BUT "rolling" is something small margin of users will/should use or do you think the plan is to test it and if it works to ditch interim releases? I expressed my opinion in previous thread:

    P.S. And in this thread and i will just wait and see what happens and i just hope something impulsive and foolish doesn't happen too soon (before some things change in a way to enable Ubuntu and all built on top of it to go faster and not making a mess while doing it)! And i am not quite sure if it's the best strategy i still think LTS releases with long support cycles are the key/value and to enable new ways for all that is built on top of LTS releases to go faster if they choose to go faster.
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