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Thread: Ubuntu 13.04 and "Rolling Development"

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    Ubuntu 13.04 and "Rolling Development"

    "Rolling Development" (supposed to begin with 13.04) but not actually called "Rolling" even though it essentially will be... is apparently what they voted to do...they will make it so that it will point to each next development release without needing to actually upgrade to it...From what i read, it sounds like it would be accomplished using a "symlink" though the details on the best way to do it, they still have to work out...don't know if we will have to set it up manually in the terminal, an option to select in the software updater or automatically (though i'd imagine it wouldn't be by default....since some may want to just have their install continue as a normal release when it goes final...

    If anyone hears any updates on how and when they think they will be doing that, please post in this thread if they see or find out something...does anyone have any ubuntu developer "contacts" they might get any advanced information from? comments also welcome as well
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