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Thread: ridiculously low FPS with motion

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    ridiculously low FPS with motion

    not sure what is going on, but this is happening on both my server and my workstation (8 core AMD and 4 core AMD respectively) - both are running 12.04, fully updated.
    Both have standard ebay USB webcams, both webcams run at a full 30FPS in Cheese with out issue, with out causing any stress on the CPU, yet when I fire up motion I get exactly 1FPS through the built-in web-server, no more, no less, regardless of any configuration options that I have so far thrown its way.
    My motion.conf is as follows, and it is verified that motion is reading my config file:

    webcam_port 8081
    webcam_localhost off
    width 640
    height 480
    output_normal off
    low_cpu 0
    framerate 10
    #webcam_motion 10

    anyone have any ideas? 1FPS is just unreasonable.

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    Re: ridiculously low FPS with motion


    After a few days of research, I finally found the answer here:

    By defining in motion.conf:

    webcam_maxrate 25

    the issue resolved


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