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Thread: Run Frex16 with WINE?

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    Question Run Frex16 with WINE?

    Hi, I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 on 64-bit AMD quad-core, with Win7 on separate HDD. Have WINE installed, & it works great on EasyBiorhythm program installed on the Win7 drive. For health reasons (Lyme disease), I've used FreX16 a lot in the past, but only on Window$. It's an ingenious sound generator that can produce thousands of Rife frequencies & special sequences. It has really helped me.

    So I've got the latest Frex installed on the Win7 drive, and would rather be in Ubuntu while using it. Can't get WINE to run it. I saw one post somewhere online that at least one user was able to get this to work.

    Frex download:

    Running WINE 1.5.26

    I know if this was about a game, everybody would have a solution But I hope I can get just one answer that works!

    Thanks Blessed Geek Community
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    Re: Run Frex16 with WINE?

    Generally speaking, Windows stuff that works well in Wine will have a rating of Gold or better at the WineHQ website. But in this case, this is not even Listed at the WineHQ website -- which generally means that it won't work.
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