Last night I updated (not upgraded) my Ubuntu 12.04 machine as per suggestion from the update manager (I do so regularly without even reading the details) and then went to bed. Today my machine is not working.

After logging in, the menu bar flashes in and out of visibility before it disappears altogether. The entire screen flashes black and back a few times and I also get a pop up dialogue box reading "System program problem detected" as the title, and text "Do you want to report the problem now?"

In a matter of minutes, the machine is not longer functional. The mouse can move, but everything else is frozen, including the system clock (when I can see it). I have searched the forums and tried sudo rm /var/crash/*. That has bought me some time, but has not even come close to fixing the problem. I have filed reports but those just send me back to the forums or the machine becomes unresponsive before then.


- Max