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Thread: Home Security

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    Home Security

    Hey Forum,

    I am looking to build a very simple home security camera system. I was wondering about thoughts on the best hardware, like the best mini computer. I intend to buy (or build) a system that is pretty simple, very small, and uses extremely little power. I basically just want it to take like a photo every second or so for a minute or two when some one gets close enough to my front door for a webcame with motion detecting capabilites to detect them, then save them to something like a 4shared account or the like so that even if a person steals the machine I can have back ups.

    Any thoughts on this? I thought about a rasberry pi, but it seems that for me, a mini computer with ubuntu installed would be easier and more convenient. I am pretty sure I could set it up to restart and log in automatically if it loses power and start up the necessary programs again. But my other concern, can I set it up to continue working and taking photos while at the same time being password protected, so if some tech savvy thief comes into my home, notices the webcam and minicomputer, he can't hook up a keyboard and monitor to it (which he could find easily in my house) and delete the photos?

    All thoughts are welcome.

    I know there are a lot of solutions for this type of thing, but I a grad student and I just don't have the time to do something that would take like custom scripting that I would have to write as opposed to going through ubuntu's settings and just ticking things off with mouse.


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    Re: Home Security

    Take a look at Zoneminder, it's in the repositories.

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    Re: Home Security

    +1 For zone minder
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