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Thread: xbmc server music not found on ps3 (video works fine)

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    Cool xbmc server music not found on ps3 (video works fine)

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to set up a media server from Ubuntu 12.10 that I can access from my PS3. If there are better alternatives to xbmc out there, I'm open to using them; xbmc was just the first I came across.

    Couple questions...
    First, how should I configure ufw? Currently I have to disable it in order for the PS3 to discover the media server. I already tried allowing 2869/tcp and 1900/udp but this did not work (PS3 still would not discover the media server).

    Second, more importantly, when the PS3 does discover the media server, video seems to be working fine. However, when I select "Music Library" (on the PS3), I am presented with a list of category folders: "Genres," "Albums," "Artists," etc. etc. All of these folders are empty, despite my library in XBMC being populated with music (that is, I can access the music from XBMC on my PC)
    These folders ("Genres," "Artists," etc) do not exist anywhere on my PC, and I also cannot find them from within the XBMC application. When accessed from my PC, XBMC's music directory tree is organized the same way as I've organized the music on my filesystem; it does not have this "Genres," "Artists," etc. organization like the PS3 tries to use.

    Finally, when browsing videos on the PS3, many (I would estimate 40-60%) of the folders show up as being named "-" (just a single hyphen character). I can still view the contents of these folders just fine, but it is quite annoying, because it requires me to look through dozens of folders before I find the file I'm looking for (since I can't see the actual folder names). File names are never victims of this problem; it only applies to directories. It seems to happen at random; every time I view the directory tree, a different, random subset of the subbfolders will have had their names replaced with the "-" character.

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