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Thread: Problem with installing on external USB

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    Problem with installing on external USB

    I have an HP notebook with Windows 7 installed on the internal hd and I am trying to install Ubuntu on an external USB HD. I am using the iso on CD. The image gets loaded but GRUB is not installed in the right place, I think. I changed the BIOS settings to have it boot off the USB HD before the internal HD. But it always by passes and goes right to Windows. I have it booted into the temporary session (from the Try Ubuntu option). and can see the filesystem. How do I get grub to the right place?


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    Re: Problem with installing on external USB

    Welcome to the Forums.

    If doing a full install, when you get to partitioning use "Something else", (Manual Partitioning).
    You will be given a choice, via drop down, where to install the boot loader.


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