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Thread: Setup email and domain name?

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    Setup email and domain name?

    Can someone please tell me how to setup my email server. sendmail is installed and i want to setup RoundCube. I have it in my apache web server and installed i just dont know what the POP3/IMAP/SMTP details are??? Also how do i set the domain to my server to be ""?? would love any help and appreciate it as you can tell im a basic linux user Thanks!!!

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    Re: Setup email and domain name?


    I'd recommend against Sendmail - I actually used it about 100 years ago. What you got is probably Postfix, which has a Sendmail compatibility program. So go to the web site and start reading. Since it is your first time, it will take you about 2 weeks to install it and get it to work.

    If you don't have 2 weeks of your life to dedicate to Postfix, then install Citadel. That one will take about 20 minutes and it is in the repos.

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    Re: Setup email and domain name?

    +1 to postfix. I've been using postfix and dovecot for my mail server, but Citadel would work fine.

    I've also used iRedMail in the past, but I'm not really fond of the way they handle setting up roundcube.
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