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Thread: Kerbal Space Programme (KSP) for linux is announced

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    Kerbal Space Programme (KSP) for linux is announced

    The sandbox space game is comming to linux. i've been having fun with it in WinXP. i wonder if it's possible to play it with FOSS drivers?
    Easy to understand Ubuntu manual with lots of pics:
    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
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    Re: Kerbal Space Programme (KSP) for linux is announced

    I actually played the demo for this game earlier today, here's a bit of gameplay of KSP running on my machine:

    I can honestly say, you might have a hard time with the FOSS drivers. Even with my Nvidia 310 drivers, when it comes to launching the ship it can be a bit slow. Then again, I am trying to max out it's graphics fidelity. However, they might optimize the game a lot more in the future so it's anyones guess.

    You can download the demo from their page here if you want to try it yourself:
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    Re: Kerbal Space Programme (KSP) for linux is announced

    Finally! No longer do I have to run KSP in Wine.
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    Re: Kerbal Space Programme (KSP) for linux is announced

    I've been playing the demo on and off today, bit laggy on 13.04, but I'm stuck with the Graphics driver built into 13.04, not bothering downgrading to 12.10 as I can't even get the intel driver to install on 12.10.



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