I've recently installed Ubuntu 12.10 on a new Dell XPS 13 that came preinstalled with Windows 8. I deleted all partitions except for what I think is the recovery partition of Windows 8. On top of that I've followed installation based on this link:


It has worked really well and I was able to get all the way through. After following the boot-repair step (find boot repair info here http://paste.ubuntu.com/5632580/) i restarted and was presented with Gnu Grub 2.0 after the Dell Spash.

After running updates and what-not I decided to restart the computer. Upon restart I was not presented with the Gnu Grub and instead the Dell spash screen was essentially looping.

I've booted from flash drive and run boot repair at least four more times with similar results. Always after first restart/shutdown I no longer boot to Grub. I've tried searching for similar problems but I haven't found any information. Does anyone have an idea as to what may be causing this?