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Thread: Recommended server directory structure/Lightest desktop possible

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    Recommended server directory structure/Lightest desktop possible

    I intend to use my recently acquired Shuttle PC (1.8Ghz celeron) as a sand box application and web server for my internal network. Knowing I'll be going off of this webpage, where would be the ideal location to install application beyond what comes with Ubuntu server. I already have Tomcat installed as well as a few others but beyond apt I may want to install my own stuff.


    I'm not sure the set up can handle having a desktop running as the response time even using Xubunut (Lubuntu was bugging too) so once I have it set up I may want a extremely minimal (window manager and a basic browser) desktop. Recommendations?

    When I get home I can give more details on the set up of the box.

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    Re: Recommended server directory structure/Lightest desktop possible

    My server only has a power cord and network cable connected, so I administer it remotely, file manipulation is done via sftp, and everything else I do via ssh. That being said, you can install any graphical desktop, just don't install a desktop manager eg: gdm, kdm, xdm etc, then at the prompt, use:

    to start the desk top when needed, and log out when you are finished.


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