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Thread: change bootscreen after grub?

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    change bootscreen after grub?

    Hey guys again! I was wondering if anyone would know an easy way
    on how i can change the bootscreen right after Grub, before the splash screen..currently I have Xubuntu
    in white and the dots under is there anyway to change that screen to just an image lets say
    I have seen a couple of people do this and be able to change the screen to show any kind of text.

    I attempted in trying to get plymouth-manager as I heard the application would be able to do it,
    but it seems like it isn't in the repository anymore.
    Is there any other application that I could use?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: change bootscreen after grub?

    The Plymouth Manager is available at Source Forge but has not been updated since 2011. I would not risk breakage without more compatibility information.
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