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Thread: Bash history behavior

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    Bash history behavior

    Not sure where best to ask this question, so it's going here.

    In bash I can push the up arrow to cycle through previous commands. I've found that some command line utilities - in particular 'octave' (and maybe others) have an additional feature that if I type in the first part of a command, then press the up arrow, it will cycle through previous commands that start with whatever I've typed in. So, for example I can type "for" and then press the up arrow to cycle through all the previous commands I issued starting with for. It is extremly helpful for me and I really wish bash would also behave in the same manner.

    Is there a simple way to enable this feature?
    If not, what would it take? If nothing else it seems like you could set the uparrow to a custom command.

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    Re: Bash history behavior

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    Re: Bash history behavior

    Thanks so much!

    The answer was in reply #5 (along with a some other useful bits):

    gedit .inputrc
    "\e[A": history-search-backward
    "\e[B": history-search-forward

    Why can't I mark this as 'solved'?
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