Hello everyone,

I have been using ubuntu for a month now, and I'm getting used to it, it's really cool. Actually I wanted at the beggining just to try it, but since I messed up with my partitions, I decided to install Ubuntu 12.04 on my free space.
Hopefully, testdisk helped me get back my two data partitions (NTFS) which I used when I was with Windows 7. Indeed, I haven't been able to boot back on Windows 7 since I installed ubuntu : I have to use the recovery tool, which I don't have, and all my tries to boot it from a usb key failed. Two days ago, against all expectations, the incredible testdisk found the recovery partition out of no-where (+/- 20 GB). Unfortunatly, Gparted told me the disk was corrupted : I have to run chkdsk.
BUT : I can't boot in windows (I need the recovery partition)
I can't have the prompt command from a bootable usb (I haven't find an iso file that suits my PC).

So here's my question :
Is there any way to repair this ntfs partition (which is apparently broken) from ubuntu ? That would be nice. I've began projects with W7 and I miss one or two editing softwares.
By the way, will it bring back the Windows Recovery Environment for sure?

(Sorry if I've made mistakes, I'm not English)
(Sorry if I posted in the wrong session : I thought "hardware" would fit the most, since it has to do with the hard drive)
(Sorry if the question has already been answered : I look in a lot of forums though)

(Thanks for any time you could give me to answer my question )
Have a nice day !