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Thread: [PPC] PowerMac7,2 G5 NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra framebuffer working Ubuntu 12.04

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    [PPC] PowerMac7,2 G5 NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra framebuffer working Ubuntu 12.04

    I had working Ubuntu 10.0 758cabdab29&start=204 on my PowerMac G5 dual 1.8 GHz and I did a clean installation of Ubuntu 12.04, but the video card doesn't work.

    My former solution doesn't yet work because the nVidia propietary driver xserver-xorg-video-nv is no longer included in Ubuntu 12.04.

    There are lots of documentation about the free driver xserver-xorg-video-nouveau but nothing works with my video card.

    After reading some references I have found a way to make work my graphic card in framebuffer mode:

    1. install Ubuntu using the alternate CD and the option install_powerpc64 at "boot:" prompt

    2. at the next boot, a blank screen appears

    3. reboot (you must force switch off with the power button) and at the "boot:" prompt type Linux nomodeset

    4. your computer will boot showing a screen with corrupted colors, like "psychodelic" colors

    5. press ctrl+alt+F1 and log in

    6. update the entire system using these commands (please be patient):
    sudo aptitude update
    sudo aptitude safe-upgrade

    7. edit yaboot.conf using this command: sudo nano /etc/yaboot.conf

    8. add a new line in the header section or in your specific boot image section, in my case it looks like this:

    #append "quiet splash"
    append="nouveau.modeset=1 video=nvidiafb:1280x1024-24@85 video=DVI-I-1:d video=TV-1:d"

    - try using different frequencies, try @60, @75, @85 and choose the frequency that displays better quality.
    - if your monitor doesn't support 1280x1024, try 1024x768
    - you can use these options at the "boot:" prompt without editting yaboot.conf, for example write this text at the "boot:" prompt:
    Linux nouveau.modeset=1 video=nvidiafb:1280x1024-24@85 video=DVI-I-1:d video=TV-1:d
    - the reason to edit yaboot.conf is to make these changes permanent and my keyboard has spanish characters, so it's difficult for me to find some symbols
    - these video outputs are disabled: DVI-I-1, TV-1. If you video card has different outputs find their names by this command: ls -l /sys/class/drm

    9. run sudo ybin -v, reboot (sudo reboot) and the graphic session will now work !

    10. I recommend to use Ubuntu 2D or any other session without 3D effects to avoid image corruption. In my case I installed Gnome Shell:
    sudo aptitude install gnome-shell gnome-tweak-tool

    I log in using "Gnome Classic(No effects)" and I used gnome-tweak-tool to properly customize Gnome Shell

    Pros: it's the only way I have found to make Ubuntu 12.04 work in graphical mode
    Cons: no graphic acceleration and some bugs like not refreshing lower screen areas randomly
    Advice: if you need a more reliable system, use Ubuntu 10.04 or Debian 6.0.7 that include the nVidia propietary driver xserver-xorg-video-nv


    The key is to make work the new free driver xserver-xorg-video-nouveau, if you achieve it please tell how to do it

    Comments are welcome.

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    Re: [PPC] PowerMac7,2 G5 NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra framebuffer working Ubuntu 12.0

    Thanks for posting your advice.

    I have an FX 5200 and I would not recommend running Ubuntu on it, not even after modifications. Lubuntu (and on a good day Xubuntu) are better choices.
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