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If it actually really only works in 32-bit, please consider reporting this as a bug - then perhaps we can get this to work in 64bit as well

There's bug reports already and I posted my findings.. but sadly still nothing has changed... maybe the Linux Kernel Organization doesn't own a Sound Blaster Recon 3D... now there's the Sound Blaster Z series as well... and by the looks of it? Same boat.

And apparently I don't have full functionality... front audio ports on my PC case doesn't work... microphone doesn't work either... I can disconnect and it disappears from the Sound Settings, and plugging it back in makes it pop up... but nothing, wether I try S-PDIF or Analog Input... so she needs lots of work. Testing right now even on Ubuntu 14.04 32bit with Kernel 3.12.0-7-generic I'm still getting the same stuff as back with kernel 3.9.