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Thread: Gaming Problem - Play on Linux/Wine

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    Gaming Problem - Play on Linux/Wine

    I have downloaded and installed a game called League of Legends on Ubuntu 12.10 using play on linux.
    Opening the game client works fine, i can log in and everything, but once the game closes and reopens at the champion
    loading screen, my moniter's resolution gets considerably worse, only half the loading screen can be seen and the ubuntu hotbar
    is still visible (it shouldnt be), finally the screen seems to have shifted to the right. When i change workspaces it stays the same
    (pixilated, screen shift to the right, but with my background now. My mouse will not work when clicked, and i end up restarting
    the laptop! Its kind of hard to explain but any help would be appritiated, it would be cool to finally run LoL on ubuntu!!!
    Thanks, Owen

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    Re: Gaming Problem - Play on Linux/Wine

    Try this:
    Press ALT+F2 and enter "winecfg", a new window will appear. Switch to tab "Graphics" and enable the option "Emulate a virtual desktop", click "OK" and try starting LoL again. This will make every application in wine run in a window. It's the easiest solution and the best one if you don't mind playing the game only in a window.

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    Re: Gaming Problem - Play on Linux/Wine

    Yeah, I have tried this before, and tried again now.
    I doesnt seem to work -_-
    Thanks anyway


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