I have a windows server running an FTP server and the root of the FTP server is a remote share on another windows server. I want to create an SFTP(SSH) server in ubuntu and have the home directories for the users be on a remote windows server. Is this something that can be done? I know how to install the SSH server and get SFTP going but how can I get the SFTP user redirected to the remote windows share where their files exist? The files must be on the remote windows server because there is an application that runs and puts them there so it can't be a different location.

Should I make a permanent CIFS mount to the windows share for the SFTP home folder? (How?)
Is there a way to have each user mapped to a different folder on the mounted CIFS folder? (How?)
The last question I have is if there is any way to get their AD usernames and passwords to work for SFTP access?

Thanks for the help!