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Thread: Can't locate any wifi in BackTrack 5 R1

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    Angry Can't locate any wifi in BackTrack 5 R1

    Hey guys! Im fairly new to Linux in general (been running various distros for about 2 years) and I've been recently trying my hand at using BackTrack 5 R1 from a Live DVD so i can run Reaver. I'm running Mint on my HDD and everything has been working swimmingly and while loading BackTrack I haven't had any problems until I try to use the Wicd to connect to wifi. The Wicd doesnt recognize my internet or any others and just shows up blank. I thought it was a compatibility issue with my wireless card but BackTrack doesnt have an up to date compatibility list so I cant know for certain. I tried updating my driver with b43 firmware but that hasnt seemed to change anything.....please help!!

    Asus EEE PC 1015px
    wireless card: BCM 4313 , PCI Device ID: 0x4727
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    Re: Can't locate any wifi in BackTrack 5 R1

    Does BackTrack 5 R3 work for you? It may well have newer drivers in the kernel. Also Backtrack 5 R1 is no longer supported, Offensive Security only ever support the latest release.

    Another consideration is that BackTrack 5 is based on Ubuntu 10.04, which reaches end-of-life next month (for the desktop version). No announcements have been made yet but I would be surprised if support for BackTrack lasted much longer than this. At this point in time I would recommend trying out Kali Linux instead, it's written by the same developers that made BackTrack but is based on the upcoming Debian Wheezy release, so is likely to be supported for several years.

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    Re: Can't locate any wifi in BackTrack 5 R1

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