Hey there folks,
I've just installed Lubuntu, the Lxde for ubuntu, through minimal installation in my EeePc 1001HA
I haven't used Ubuntu and this eeepc in a long time, maybe about 2 years.
The chose the minimal installation to have a fast and not bloated system from start.
Install went smooth, and the system is fast as hell, even though Lxde is not feature rich as others desktop env.

My problem is that the Fn keys do not all work out.
Sleep, wifi, brightness, volume DO work. Ones that do not work are: screen size, blankscreen, change monitor output, system monitor.
Since the most needed do work, i not at all bad.
But before installing lubuntu through the minimal, i've tried the normal Ubuntu Live CD, and the keys did work, all of them( i think so).
So there must be a package or configuration in the live CD that did not carry over on the minimal install.

The usual "acpi_osi=Linux" doesn't make a difference at all, also the eeepc-acpi package( i used in previous installs) couldn't find it and after manually installing it, doesn't seem to have any effect.

My goal here is to get them all working again, even if through direct hardware interface, there is an different OSD when using these. Even the CPU power toggle used to work, and could be useful.
But maybe, just to get them working as it would in the live cd is good enough.