I've been having problems with gnome-shell on and off for a while where the mouse cursor could move freely across the screen, but the shell was otherwise unresponsive to anything and I would actually have to unplug the machine from wall and battery to get it to shut down so I could reboot it. As an experiment, I decided to try and upgrade it from the Gnome 3 team (precise) repos (3.4.1) to the Debian Wheezy repos (3.4.2). Synaptic gave me the green lights when I tested the package dependencies. So I installed the Debian Wheezy Gnome-Shell. Now, it will give me mouse control over the bar and the gnome-menu, but not over the open windows. If I want to do anything with the open windows I have to use the keyboard.

Anyone know why this is? It really kind of sucks because I tend to prefer Gnome-shell over Unity.