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Thread: Security issue

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    Unhappy Security issue

    Today I wanted to change my root password.
    The story is as follows:
    Terminal with 3 tabs open: one in the root, and two in which I changed the password 2 times other for root tabs open at all times.
    I opened Nautilus in root.
    If you open a new terminal I do not accept any password. Perhaps I was not too careful as I typed.

    I have opened and functional root terminal and nautilus but noted that were opened before password change.
    I did order the tab with root: cd / etc passwd and then I changed but not working.

    What can I do with what I have to set a password function?
    It can?

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    Re: Security issue

    Are you saying you changed your password (is it really root's or your password you use with sudo?), and you can't remember it, but you have a root terminal open from before you changed it?

    I'm having a hard time understanding what you're saying, sorry.

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    Re: Security issue

    I believe sudo stays active for 15 minutes. So your original tab will continue to have root privileges even after you have changed the password--for 15 minutes. So yes, it is a security risk--for 15 minutes.
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