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Thread: Encrypting Existing Folder + UbuntuOne Sync

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    Lightbulb Encrypting Existing Folder + UbuntuOne Sync

    Hi there,

    I want to encrypt an existing Folder while still be able to sync it with UbuntuOne. After digging around a bit i found 2 methods of doing so:

    1. Truecrypt: Creating a Container pack everything in there and upload it. This is quite inconvenient as soon as you change just a tiny bit you have to upload the whole container. And also it doesn't as nicely as method 2.

    2. Cryptkeeper: Create a Folder, encrypt it, and only mount it if you use it. Automatically unmounting is really nice btw. But: is there a method to apply this to existing Folders? Lets say i want to encrypt my Documents Folder in /home/xx/ if i delete it, create a new Folder using Cryptkeeper called Documents will i be able to access it through the shortcuts in Nautilus & Unity?
    How is Cryptkeeper managing the Files? How will they be uploaded to UbuntuOne? Anyone has experiences with it? Is my Cloud drive encrypted?

    I know - a lot of questions. Thanks in advance to whoever takes the time to answer them.

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    Re: Encrypting Existing Folder + UbuntuOne Sync

    An encrypted private directory would do that. You would have to make a new directory a put all the data in there.


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