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Thread: Further to M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 and Ubuntu DreamStudio 12.04 LTS

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    Further to M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 and Ubuntu DreamStudio 12.04 LTS

    Greetings all,

    My initial request for assistance with connecting my M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 (MIDI controller) with a MIDI musical instrument sound bank (0-127) triggered some very helpful suggestions. It seems, however, that a solution may have been right under my nose all along.

    In a SoundOnSound review (of the Keystation Pro 88) from 2004 I found this:

    The Keystation comes with its 10 memoriespre-loaded with factory setups, which can be reloaded at any time by holding down the '+' and '-' buttons as you turn the unit on.These contain typical setups which are likely to be the most useful to the user. So 01 is a General MIDI Preset, 02 aGM mixer preset, and 03 a GM2/XG preset.

    I’d very much like to hear from weathered M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 users out there if this concurs with their experience.

    I’d also be very interested to hear if connecting an electric guitar to a Keystation is indeed possible. I’m sure this was mentioned somewhere else on www – only I can’t remember where.


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    Re: Further to M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 and Ubuntu DreamStudio 12.04 LTS

    Hi. So, I have a Keystation 88es that is a simplifed version of your keyboard. As her bigger sister my keyboard is programmable. It means I can bind in every key a particular MIDI signal. It seems to me that your keyboard can save presets of this bindings. So, if you associate to a particular fader a particular MIDI signal you are using to drive, lets say, a synthetizer's parameter; then you can store it in a preset, with the bindings of all the other controls. Please, have a look at your device manual: . You will find that a lot of programs can work with midi. For example you can control all Rakarrack's parameters with midi devices, or Ardour's mixer, Guitarix parameters etc... etc... Of course you can connect MIDI devices to your keyboard. If you have a guitar with a MIDI pickup then you can have a lot of experiments, but I can't see any analog input on your keyboard. Some keyboard with a built-in audio interface actually exists, but I think is not your case. So is unlikely you can obtain something by connecting a traditional electric guitar to your jack plugs on the keyboard (they are made for expression pedals). Of course, refer to manual in order to properly understand how to use your keyboard. All the answers are there!
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