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Thread: Broke my graphics

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    Broke my graphics

    after using Ubuntu (12.04 amd64) for about 5 months, I seem to finally broke it up to a point where I can't fix it myself.
    I am using a Samsung 700Z7C notebook with an Intel HD 4000 onboard graphic and a Nvidia GT650M external with Optimus. That is, I can use the Intel graphics for most of the time for less power consumption and switch to Nvidia if I need more performance.
    As far as I read, only the Intel card is used by default. To use the Nvidia one I tried to install Bumblebee which should enable Optimus support on Linux.
    Well, that went not as well as I hoped. Basically, it says I have to install "nvidia-glx" first. That, however, is in conflict with "xserver-xorg-core" and removed or at least damaged that crucial package.
    I reinstalled XServer after that (which again removed nvidia-glx).
    Sadly, now my "task bar" to the left of Unity lost all its transparency. It's kind of hard to describe it. If needed, I will upload a screenshot.
    The two things I need help with are
    1. bring back my system to its old state so at least Unity looks normal again
    2. install Bumblebee and all its dependencies so I can use Nvidia Optimus

    Would be great if someone could help me :)
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