Few days ago, I had to reinstall my Ubuntu (twice) and that was really tiresome process because I had to make 400+mb updates, and then remove unwanted packages and upgrade and install all my daily needed/favourite apps by adding ppa for each. I'm not even bringing the topic of customization part

SO, I got a thought...that it would be awesome if i can make Ubuntu iso with the latest updates and latest build of packages of my own choice. thus I wont need to do that process on and on.

I dont want to make a whole distro, no, dont get me wrong I'm not a programmer. All i need is already updated ubuntu which has latest builds of my apps. Non-LTS is not even an option. I want to customize my LTS version if possible.

While searching solution by myself, I found about Ubuntu Customization Kit and Ubuntu Builder. Now I have two questions -

1. which one will be better?

2. Will they affect anything on my current running system?