I tried Ubuntu a few years back on an old desk top, could never get
wifi to work, and gave up. Ready to give linux another try.

I have a Dell XPS laptop - it is a i7 dual core 64 bit, with 8 GB RAM
and a 750 GB internal HD (with about 400 GB free space), and currently
runs W7.

I have tried 12.10 as a full install on a 16 GB USB flash drive and
via Virtual Machine, and didn't care for the performance. I do not
want to dual boot. So, I thought I would install on a 1 TB Seagate
External USB (3.0) HD (on which nothing is installed) that I picked up on sale at Costco.

It seems like 1 TB is a bunch of space and I am seeking advice on how to
best partition the drive. Given the size of the external HD, I think
that I should allocate some space for shared data, root, swap and home
- with the largest allocation to the shared space (that way it can be accessed by linux and W7). Does that sound
right? Does the following allocation seem wise:

• Shared Space (/windows) -> 900 GB
• root (/) -> 25-30GB
• swap -> 16 GB
• home (/home) -> 50 GB

Also, what file systems should I use?